Top Tips for entering

Top tips for crafting a successful Dubai Lynx Awards entry

Fiorenza Plinio, Head of Award and Development at Dubai Lynx gives 10 top tips on how to craft a successful entry.

Tip 1: Be concise

You’re dealing with professionals who are perfectly capable of grasping whether a project has merit based on a concise, coherent explanation. Case films should not exceed two minutes.

Tip 2: Tell a story 

Structure your explanation around a simple, powerful and succinct narrative.

Tip 3: Simplicity

Less is more. Ensure your case film communicates a clear idea and a compelling strategy that isn’t cluttered and confusing. The need for focus and clarity cannot be underestimated.

Tip 4: Make it easy for them

The idea should speak for itself. Avoid creating barriers with unnecessary and elaborate production. Keep it clear and direct.

Tip 5: Be up-front

Explain the idea upfront and quickly so the jury can understand the dimensions of the campaign and its results from the very beginning. Avoid using unnecessary build up or stylistic filler. Treat your case film like a piece of editorial. All the key information early on – expansion of the idea to follow.

Tip 6: Category selection

Carefully consider the best category for your entry and ensure that it demonstrates both relevance and specificity for its audiences.

Tip 7: Culture and context

It’s an international jury. English is not always the first language. Respect this diversity. Entries that hinge on a cultural nuance or unfamiliar cultural context may require additional information.

Tip 8: Industry jargon & hyperbole

Avoid industry jargon and marketing speak. Don’t sell… explain. A case film with excessive hype and empty statements with no tangible back-up will not impress the jury.

Tip 9: Take a fresh perspective

You may have lived and breathed the work, but the jury hasn’t. Look at the idea with a fresh pair of eyes and distil it down to its core for a new audience.

Tip 10: Results

Where relevant, make sure you provide robust meaningful and measurable results. Be honest, specific and provide workable, quantitative figures and stats. In some categories, results count for 30% of the mark. Clearly link results back to original goals, strategies and objectives.

Your step by step guide to entering 

1. Appoint Awards Coordinator

Choose someone within your organisation to coordinate your awards activities and act as a point of communication with us.

2. Check the rules

Make sure you check eligibility, dates, deadlines and other key guidelines.

3. Download the entry kit - available soon

Ensure you have a copy to refer to throughout the entry process.

4. Know your awards
This year there is a new Innovation award and many more have been updated with additional or revised categories. The judging criteria should also be considered. A little research will help determine what to enter and where, but if you’re confused, just get in touch and one of the team will be happy to help.
5. Create an account
6. Create entries

The sooner you start, the better we’ll be able to offer you extra help if you need it.

7. Submit and pay
Submit your work before 24 January 2017 and you will qualify for special early bird rates
8. Prepare physical materials

Send any supporting physical materials no later than one week after payment to complete your entry

9. Review and revise

We check every aspect of entries thoroughly and we may be in touch up until the end of February to request clarification or changes.

10. Judging
Juries carefully review all the entries and determine winners during the festival. Make sure you're available throughout this period, as the jury may have queries regarding your work.
11. Results

The shortlists for each award are announced during the festival and the winners will be unveiled at the awards ceremony on 8 March. They’ll also be posted online the next morning.

12. Ceremony

Golds, Grands Prix and Special Awards are presented onstage to the winners.

13. Trophies

Bronze and Silver trophies are sent to entrant companies within two months of the Festival finishing. We know that winning is a team effort, so trophies can also be ordered for anyone credited on the entry. Shortlisted entrants will receive a certificate.