The Rules


1. Entrants must obtain permission to enter their work from the commissioning client/brand-owing company before entering the Festival. The Festival will request proof of this permission.

2. The client’s contact details must be provided in the entry form. The Festival reserves the right to contact the client, if necessary and the entrant shall notify the client accordingly.

3. There can only be one entrant company per entry. The entrant company is responsible for payment of entry fees and will be considered the entry’s sole contact. Multiple companies can be credited for their contribution to the work

4. Work must have been created within the context of a normal paying contract with a client, except in the case of selfpromotion and non-profit organisations. In the case of non-profit organisations, the client must have approved all of the media/production/implementation.

5. Speculative and conceptual advertising is not eligible for entry. Please refer to our official statement on ‘Ineligible or scam entries’ for more information.

6. Entrants must not enter work which has been banned or withdrawn from airing. If found to be entered it will be cancelled by the Festival with no refund.

7. Work must be submitted exactly as published, aired or implemented and must not be modified for the awards entry.

8. Work must have aired, launched or been released to the public for the first time between 1 February 2016 and 28 February 2017. When entering a campaign that may exceed this period, a minimum of two thirds must fall within this window.

9. The Creative Effectiveness category has broadened its scope to include previously shortlisted or awarded campaigns from the past three years; replacing the previous eligibility range of one year and allowing entries to demonstrate the longer term effects of creative work.

10. Entries will be accepted on the basis that:

I. They are designed specifically for and to run in the MENA region and are created by agencies in the MENA region.

II. They are designed specifically for and to run in the MENA region and are created by agencies outside the MENA region.

III. They are designed to run globally as long as they are created by agencies in the MENA region.

IV. Full list of eligible countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Kuwait,
Lebanon, Kenya, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, UAE, Westbank & Gaza, Western Sahara, Yemen.

An entry cannot be submitted into a Dubai Lynx Award in 2017, if it was entered to the same Dubai Lynx Award last year. You may enter the work in to an alternative Dubai Lynx Award, provided that the work meets the eligibility date requirements of point 8, above.

11. If further results become available after entry submission, the Festival Organisers will accept written additions to the results section of the entry form, up to 16 February 2017. This does not apply to entry media e.g. case films and JPGs, which cannot be replaced after submission.

12. In the event that a campaign runs over an extended period of time with multiple implementation dates, it is the responsibility of the entrant to provide proof of the campaign’s adequate evolution from year to year. The Festival has the right to decide if the entry has evolved sufficiently that it may be regarded as a new entry and thus be deemed eligible.

13. Work which is not in English can be translated or subtitled, so that it can be understood in English, exactly as it was published or aired. If translating, please note that dubbing is not allowed. Voiceovers can be translated but visible speech must be kept in the original language and subtitled.

14. Case films must be in English.

15. Digital and physical materials must be submitted without any reference to your agency or any contributing creative companies or persons as judging is anonymous.

16. Entries cannot be withdrawn by entrants after 16 February 2017. Please refer to our official statement on ‘Cancellations, refunds and withdrawals’ for information.

17. Entry media, including primary uploads and all supporting media must be final at the point of entry completion. No replacement or additional media will be accepted after an entry has been finalised and received by the Festival.

18. Creative team credits will be published on our website as typed in your entry form. An email will be sent before the Festival, giving you the chance to make amendments or additions during a specific period of time. Credits cannot be altered until this time.

19. Entrants must submit their work according to our entry deadlines. This allows sufficient time for entries to be processed and reviewed, and for any issues to be resolved.

20. Entrants are not permitted to enter work which is in breach of the rules above.


1. The Festival may at any time refuse or withdraw entries which according to their judgement:

• breach laws, regulations or codes of practise
• offend national sentiments, religious sentiments or public taste
• do not meet our eligibility date rulings
• in any other way contradict the codes of practise upheld by the Festival

The Festival is part of the Ascential Group which pledges to trade legally and respect all laws including the Trade Sanctions imposed by EU and US Governments. We operate to a Group Sanctions Policy which means that we cannot accept entries from people or entries in relation to projects, based, residing or connected with a country subject to EU and/or US Government sanctions.

2. The Festival will make category changes to ensure that all work is showcased in its best light. Entrants will be informed if category changes are made.

3. The Festival may at any time request media scheduling details, client confirmation in writing or any other further information needed verify the authenticity of a piece of work.

4. In the event of a complaint against any winning or shortlisted entry, the Festival Organisers will conduct an investigation into each case and will request detailed documentation from all parties concerned including the
complainant, the entrants and the client. If the complaint is upheld, entries and, if applicable, awards, will be withdrawn accordingly.

5. Entrants or companies who are proved to have deliberately and knowingly contravened any rules relating to eligibility may be barred from entering the awards for a period of time following the Festival as specified by the Festival Organisers.

6. The Festival reserves the right to withdraw work which breaches any of the Festival rules. Please refer to our official statement on ‘Ineligible or scam entries’ for more information.


For the purpose of this paragraph, ‘entry/campaign’ means the work you enter into the Festival and ‘Organiser’ means Ascential Events. With effect from your submission of an entry, the following terms apply:

1. By submitting any campaign in the course of entering the Festival awards, the entrant acknowledges that such material will be used for the Festival Purposes (as defined below), on the terms set out herein.

2. Entrants may be required to supply additional material of any shortlisted or winning work for any promotional publication and exhibitions held after the Festival.

3. In order to promote the Festival, the organisers may, but shall not be obliged to, do all or any of the following which are the “Festival Purposes”:

• Screen or publish all materials submitted to the Festival Organisers for purposes of conducting and promoting the Festival, including all entry/campaign, with or without charge at public or private presentations, in such manner and form as the Festival Organisers reasonably think fit;

• Reproduce all materials submitted to the Festival Organisers - including all entry/campaign in the Dubai Lynx website and offline for the purpose of conducting and promoting the Festival;

• Permit the material to be used directly or indirectly for the purpose of promoting the Festival;

• Reproduce any entry/campaign into a collection of advertisements which may be offered for sale anywhere in the world. Such a collection may not, nor may any extracts of it, be copied, marketed or sold by any organisation other than the Festival organisation or any organisation authorised to do so by the Festival. This may include adaptation/ translation by a third party; provided, however, that Festival Purpose shall exclude any action that may violate (a) any applicable law, or (b) any restriction placed on the use of that material by its legal owner, permitted licensee or third party whose property is included within such material as disclosed to the Organisers by the entrant and notified to the Organiser as detailed below (each of (a), and (b), a “Restriction”).

• To the extent that the entrant is not the owner of the material comprising the campaign, the Organiser’s exercise of the Festival Purposes shall be subject to any Restrictions. The entrant shall use commercially reasonable endeavours to ensure that the organiser may exercise the Festival Purposes, but shall not, in any event, be required to spend any money in order to permit the Organiser to do so, and entrant’s failure to obtain sufficient rights in order to enable the Organiser to do so shall not give rise to any liability on entrant’s part; and the entrant shall notify the Organiser in writing (including by e-mail) of any Restriction as soon as reasonably practical on becoming aware of the same. For the avoidance of doubt, “commercially reasonable endeavours” shall include the entrant using its commercially reasonable efforts to attempt to cause the applicable third parties to agree to permit the Organiser to exercise the Festival Purposes, but shall not require the entrant to retrospectively amend or agree new terms of engagement for any Campaign already commissioned.

• Each entrant agrees to assist the Festival Organisers (at the sole cost and expense of the Festival Organisers) in every reasonable way in supporting any legal action that may be taken against the Festival in relation to the exercise of the rights set out in the paragraph above and to supply information to the Festival Organisers immediately should they become aware that an unauthorised collection or compilation including their Advertisement is available for sale or distribution.

• Each entrant confirms to the Festival Organisers that they have the legal right to enter the campaign into the Festival on the terms of these entry rules, subject to any Restrictions, the exercise by the Organiser or its authorised agent of the Festival Purposes shall not infringe the rights of any third party, nor breach any applicable laws. If the Organiser receives any claim from a third party in relation to your entry, then without prejudice to any other rights or remedies available to the Organiser, you shall promptly assist the Organiser to deal with the claim, including but not limited to the provision of all documentation establishing ownership of rights in the entry.

• All entries and their subsequent feature, display, exhibition or presentation should be considered for the purpose of criticism and review only and does not constitute any recommendation, endorsement or promotion of the products or services featured therein by Ascential Events any of its affiliates, or otherwise. Subsequent features, displays, exhibitions or presentations do not represent the views or opinions of Ascential Events or its affiliates and no reliance should be placed on anypart of the feature other than for the purpose of evaluation as an entry to the Festival. Ascential Events and its affiliates do not accept any liability of any kind in respect of any feature, display, exhibition or presentation.



Entries will be deemed ineligible if they breach any of the Festival rules (above) or any of the category specific Dubai Lynx rules.

Following detailed consultation and discussion with industry leaders, the Dubai Lynx Festival by Ascential Events wishes to make clear its policy on entries into its Festivals which breach the rules. There are many definitions of “scam”, and the issue is rarely black and white. As such, we want to develop a policy that is not only workable but also enforceable. The role of Ascential Events (Dubai Lynx, Cannes Lions, Spikes Asia, Lions Health, Lions Innovation, Lions Entertainment and eurobest) is to set the benchmark for creativity in communications, to celebrate creativity and to reward the industry for outstanding creative work.

Our role is not to come between the client and the agency; it is not to have a negative material effect on agency business; and it is not to penalise individuals from an agency who have not had any association with the work in question. Our key rules in this regard are simple:

I. All entries must have been made within the context of a normal paying contract with a client, except in the case of self-promotion and work for non-profit organisations. The client must have paid for all, or the majority of, the media/production costs. In the case of work for non-profit organisations, the client must have approved the media implementation and production.

II. Speculative and conceptual advertising are not eligible for entry.

III. Work must be submitted exactly as published, aired or implemented and must not be modified for the awards entry.

It is our policy that when a piece of work comes into question, we request clarification or further information according to the complaint raised. If it is not forthcoming or not adequate, we withdraw the award. In future we will continue to withdraw awards that do not meet our entry criteria and will announce that we have done so.

Submitting full client details (including name, position and full contact details). A senior officer (CD, CEO or Chairman) from the entrant company must authorise the entry.

That the client is legitimate and that the product corresponds with their portfolio. Judges are offered the opportunity to raise queries with the organisers and information is gathered accordingly throughout the judging (media schedules, client authorisation, etc.). We believe that banning agencies from entering on a wholesale basis is unfair on blameless individuals. There are many people who work in agencies who may not be involved with an erroneous entry and therefore should not be penalised. Our policy will be to ban the individuals named on the credit list if a scam is discovered.

The length and nature of the ban will be decided based on the seriousness of the case involved. We take the view that not all issues are the same and each case should be dealt with on its own merits.

In summary, the key issues which will guide us through this process are:

1. Was the work approved and paid for by the client?
2. Was the work run using media space paid for by the client?

If an entry fails to meet this or other entry criteria, we will withdraw the award and make an appropriate announcement.

If we deem it is required, we will ban the individuals involved from entering our awards for a specific period of time which will be decided at that time.


1. The Dubai Lynx Festival is organised and managed by Ascential Events, a company registered in England and Wales with registration number: 7814172 and registered address: c/o Ascential Group, The Prow, 1 Wilder Walk, London W1B 5AP. References to “us”, “we”, and “our” shall be construed accordingly.

2. Each entrant accepts full responsibility for the quality of entries and discharges the Festival Organisers from any  responsibility in respect of third parties.

3. All entrants will strictly observe the Entry Rules. Completion and signature/sending of the Entries Payment Form will imply full acceptance by each entrant of the Entry Rules. Non-compliance with any of the Entry Rules will result in automatic disqualification of the entry.

4. The decisions of the Festival Organisers in all matters relating to the Festival shall be final and binding.

5. In the event of a win, any duties, fees and charges accrued from the transporting of the trophy, will be covered by the  recipient, not the Festival Organisers.

6. The Dubai Lynx Award trophy is the intellectual property, including copyright, design rights and trademark rights, of Ascential Events. Ascential Events have the exclusive right to and not limited to, reproduce, manufacture, copy, and sell the Dubai Lynx Award trophy in any size or medium, and to distribute or exploit the design of the Award or  reproductions of same by gift, sale, re-sale or licence. No reproduction, replica or other copy of the Dubai Lynx Award  trophy may be made or used by any manufacturer, advertiser, organisation or individual except in accordance with these terms unless you have the prior express written consent or license from Ascential Events.

7. These Entry Rules shall be governed by and construed according to English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

1.       The Festival will request proof of this permission.