Celebrating creativity experienced out of home. Entries will need to demonstrate ideas that engage in-the-field; that is work which leverages public spaces to communicate a message or immerse consumers in a brand experience.

The limits to how many times the same piece of work can be entered are defined by the medium:

  • Classic Sheet Posters can only be entered into: A. Billboards & Street Posters, B. Indoor Posters.
  • Digital Posters can be entered into: C. Digital Posters, D03. Use of Digital
  • Adapted Posters can only be entered into: D01. Use of Adapted Billboards / Posters.
  • Ambient Outdoor work can only be entered into: E. Ambient and D02. Use of Ambient Outdoor.

You may enter a 'Campaign of Executions' in sections ‘A. Billboards & Street Posters’ and ‘B. Indoor Posters’ only.

Outdoor Categories

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