Dubai Lynx Health & Safety Measures 

Dubai Lynx is committed to the health, safety and security of all its guests, staff and suppliers.  We adhere to all rules and regulations set out by Government authorities, including Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), Dubai Economic Department (DED), Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Dubai Municipality (DM) to ensure the health and safety of everyone at our events in the post COVID-19 world.


  • If you are vaccinated, you must present proof of at least one dose of any COVID vaccine approved by the WHO (World Health Organisation) to organisers upon entry to the venue. You will not be allowed entry to the event without proof of vaccination (a valid vaccination certification). 

  • If unvaccinated, a valid negative PCR test must be provided within 72 hours of the event.  You will not be allowed entry to the event without a valid negative PCR result. 

  • Any guests who are suffering from any health symptoms associated with COVID-19, or if you have been in close contact with an individual confirmed as COVID-19 positive, or are under any quarantine/self-quarantine orders are requested to not visit the Dubai Lynx Awards. 


  • It is mandatory to wear face masks at all times in the venue unless a medical exemption approved by Dubai Police (and Dubai Health Authority) is presented.

  • Floor stickers and other social distancing guides will be installed to support social distancing measures as outlined in the government guidelines.  When queuing, please stand on the floor stickers to ensure minimum distance. 

  • Our event seating capacities have also been adjusted to accommodate max venue capacity and social distance measures.

  • Barcode or QR codes will be digitally scanned to allow entry where applicable.

  • Assigned separate Entrance and Exit points for all visitors, organisers, and venue staff.

  • Regular hand washing is recommended. Alternatively, please sanitise your hands frequently using the sanitisers installed at key locations throughout the venue.

  • Venue will continue to practice frequent disinfecting of public areas and meeting spaces, washrooms and other  touch points. 

  • Appropriate facilities and specialist staff are available to manage any potential medical issues on site.

  • Existing procedures on handling medical emergencies are in order including isolation rooms.

  • Wearing face masks is mandatory for everyone at all times while in the venue and while roaming around. You may take of your mask if you are speaker or performer on stage and while in your seat eating.

  • 2 meters distance is applicable between tables.

  • International performers don’t have to show proof of vaccination.

  • Local performers should be vaccinated and show proof of vaccinations.

  • If you are using our F&B counters to purchase F&B please keep 2 meters distance between you and other guests queuing.