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Type of EntryIntegrated
Entrant Company:JWT CAIRO, EGYPT
Advertising Agency:JWT CAIRO, EGYPT

The Campaign

The fully fledged campaign was the official launch of Vodafone’s 1 year old Brand Identity, 'Power to you'. It aimed to clarify what 'Power to you' really means to people and to Vodafone. Vodafone had just attained the title of the number one telecoms company in Egypt, in terms of consumer base. Thus, the campaign carried one simple message: 'Our power is not in us becoming number one; our power is in each and everyone'. What better way to emphasize the importance of everyone’s power than to film real people in the copy instead of casting. And what better way to make sure everyone pays attention, than to have the most loved actor in Egypt narrate and appear in the TV copy.

Success of the Campaign

Egyptians were inspired by the communication and, though we take no credit for the revolution, we believe that the campaign and its message were eye-opening for most Egyptians. Many related to the ad and described feeling empowered by it and remembered it during the revolution. It was the first time that a mobile network in Egypt celebrated its success by reminding its customers that they are the people responsible for it, and that's what 'Power To You' is all about.

Describe how the campaign/entry was launched and executed across each channel in the order of implementation.

One day before the official launch, Vodafone announced to its employees the news of becoming number one by re-branding the walls of their premises with the campaign message, visuals of the TV copy, and confidence boosting messages. The TVC, press and outdoor all launched on the same day carrying the same message: 'Our power is not in us becoming number one; our power is in each and everyone'. They invited people to visit the campaigns webpage (or 'our power') for an extended explanation of 'Power to you', and to continue the experience. When the consumers first visited the webpage, they experience the extended TVC with further explanations of this campaign’s objective: 'Find the power in you'. They also got the chance to experience several documentaries about real peoples stories used in the lives of some of the TVC characters, and how they use their power daily.


Name Company Position
Ramsey Naja JWT CCO
Rich Wakefield JWT ECD
Luciana El-Gebely JWT Creative Director
May El-Naggar JWT Copywriter
Asmaa Yehia JWT Senior Art Director
Omar ElMoutaz JWT Copywriter