Creative Effectiveness

Celebrating the measurable impact of creativity. Entries will need to demonstrate hard results over the long term; that is, how the work drove tangible business effects, was instrumental to cultural change or integral in the achievement of brand purpose.

A number of criteria will be considered during judging and weighted as follows: 25% idea; 25% strategy; 50% impact and results. The same piece of work can only be entered once into Creative Effectiveness.

Eligibility Information & Dates

  1. To be eligible to enter, your work must have won or been shortlisted at Dubai Lynx in 2016, 2017 or 2018.

  2. For all categories entries must focus on a single winning or shortlisted campaign; they cannot be a culmination of campaigns. If your campaign is part of a series of executions, you must focus only on one winning execution. You may include references to executions that were conducted before or after the winning execution, for context only.

  3. For categories A01 and A02 results must be in relation to a single campaign (within the eligibility period). For category A03 entries may show results from several years from 01 February 2015 – 28 February 2019.

  4. If you are entering the same case into multiple categories, you will need to submit a separate entry paper for each category. We recommend that you tailor your entry to each category, focusing on the following:

  • For Creative Effectiveness; what was the overall tangible impact of the campaign
  • For Creative Effectiveness for Good; how the campaign had a measurable impact for the charity or non-profit organisation
  • For Longer-Term Effectiveness; how the culmination of results from a campaign over a number of years demonstrates its effectiveness.