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1. Get in touch

If you have a question or need any help, please email the Awards team at and they'll be sure to get back to you within 24 hours. 

2. Glossary of terms


The award itself, e.g. Mobile Lynx

Lynx is broken in to sections e.g. A. Technology

The sections contain different categories, e.g. A04. Innovative Technology & Wearables

The channel or medium used for the execution e.g. Billboard, TV placement etc.

When asked for this information, you will be required to state the date of the specific execution.

A specific advertisement or instance of branded communication e.g. a particular Coca-Cola TV spot, poster or branded event.

A coordinated series of linked, multi-channel executions with a single idea or theme.

Campaigns of this nature should be entered as a single entry in the following Awards:

  • Branded Content & Entertainment
  • Design
  • Direct
  • Integrated
  • Interactive (Sections: A. Web Campaign, H. Integrated)
  • Media
  • Mobile
  • Outdoor (Sections: C. Digital Outdoor, E. Ambient, F. Integrated Campaign)
  • PR
  • Promo & Activation

A series of 2 or more executions of the same creative idea, advertising the same product/service, via the same medium.

Each execution in a campaign of executions will be considered a separate entry and must be submitted and paid for as such.

Entries submitted as part of a ‘campaign of executions’ cannot be entered again as a single entry.

Campaigns of this nature should be entered as multiple individual entries in the following Awards:

  • Film (Sections: A. TV & Cinema Film, B. Online Film, C. Other Film Content)
  • Film Craft
  • Interactive (Section: D. Online Video)
  • Outdoor (Sections: A Billboards & Street Posters, B. Indoor Posters)
  • Print & Outdoor Craft
  • Print & Publishing (Sections: A. Print, C. Original Print & Publishing)
  • Radio