The Young Lynx Competitions

No matter what stage in their fledgling career, young creatives need a platform to make their portfolio pop, show off their style and gain industry-wide recognition - and the four fast-paced competitions give them space to do just that.

Winning a Young Lynx Competition is an instant validation of young creative talent.

How they work

For each competition, a charity or NGO briefs the teams on-site at Dubai Lynx before the competition begins, giving them the objectives and target audience. Teams then have 24 hours to answer the brief, before showcasing their campaign to a panel of big industry names who will decide on the Bronze, Silver and Gold winners.

Explore past winners

Young Lynx PR Competition

We're on the hunt for PR professionals with a flair for captivating audiences, developing original ideas and crafting them into attention-grabbing campaigns.

At the Festival, professional PR duos compete on a challenging client brief, giving them the chance to put their skills and ideas to the test and significantly raise their industry profiles.

It's all about showcasing how they can effectively and uniquely use PR to engage audiences with an organisation or specific topic.

Young Lynx Print Competition

Calling MENA's top creative talent brimming with fresh ideas, finely tuned craft and the ability to curate and develop a brilliant campaign from start to finish.

In the Print Competition, creative duos go head-to-head, crafting an original campaign in response to a real-time client brief and showcasing their creative flair to fellow creatives across MENA in the process.

It's their chance to create a unique, attention-grabbing creative campaign that perfectly targets the briefs intended audience.

Young Lynx Media Competition

This is an opportunity for creative talent who can develop a media strategy with the potential to drive business results.

It's where teams compete to craft a media campaign from a real-time client brief, giving them a platform to show off their creative style and boost their portfolio in front of industry experts.

If you think you're up for creating a media campaign that boasts strategic thinking and original ideas, this is the competition for you.

Young Lynx Integrated Competition

Can you work in a team of three to answer an integrated client brief that challenges your creative thinking and media planning skills? Then the Integrated Competition is for you.

It's a chance to show off your creative strategy to big industry names as you craft captivating, future-facing creative work across multiple platforms.

This is where you showcase how you can effectively conceptualise, develop and create a strong and unified campaign across three separate media channels.

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