Awards for Good

Dubai Lynx recognises and celebrates the use of creativity to positively impact not only businesses and brands, but also the world at large.


We recognise that it is difficult to judge work created for non-profit organisations and charities against
brand-led work for paying clients.

For this reason, we introduced the Dubai Lynx Grand Prix for Good Award.

For this specialist Award, work cannot be entered directly but work becomes eligible if it is awarded a
Gold or equivalent Lynx Award, and is created for a non-profit organisation or charity. Work fitting this
criteria is judged again separately as a Grand Prix for Good contender.

Examples of work that would be eligible for the Dubai Lynx Grand Prix for Good Award include work created for charities, funds, foundations, appeals, NGOs, not-for-profit unions & associations, not-for-profit art facilities such as libraries and museums, equality & health messages.

Government messages such as army recruitment, road safety, public health etc. are judged to be branded, not charity, work and are therefore ineligible for the Grand Prix for Good.

If a piece of work wins a Creative Effectiveness Gold it will only be eligible for the Grand Prix for Good if it was awarded a Silver, Bronze or just Shortlist in 2021, 2019 or 2018.


A dedicated Award celebrating culture-shifting creativity. Glass: the Award for Change is a place to reward ideas intended to change the world that address gender inequality or prejudice.

We donate all entry proceeds generated by Glass: the Award for Change to related charities, chosen closer to the Festival dates.