New for Dubai Lynx 2020

Every year, we update and amend the awards to best reflect and honour the most creative and effective MENA work. 

2020 introduces a new award, sections, and categories to further celebrate the excellence of MENA region creativity.

New awards and categories

  • One new Lynx Award: Creative Strategy
  • New Challenges & Breakthroughs section with 5 categories added to 7 Lynx awards
  • New Realities & Voice Activation category added to two Lynx Awards
  • Print & Outdoor Craft updated and renamed as Industry Craft

The new award 

The Creative Strategy award will celebrate the idea behind the idea.Work that wins Creative Strategy will have redefined a brand, reinvented a business or influenced consumers and culture. Akhou Nora for Saudi Telecom Company from J. Walter Thompson Riyadh demonstrates the strong strategic narrative that this award celebrates.

Challenges & Breakthrough categories introduced across 7 Lynx awards

Dubai Lynx recognises diverse and nuanced creativity. And we want to give you the chance to enter regionally-specific, specialist work. Work with a local market, insight or community at its core.

The Challenges & Breakthroughs section is a new lens for the jury to look at your submission through, focusing their attention on its particular brilliance, recognising work created for smaller as well as challenger brands, hinged on local, cultural insights and awards the strength of the idea not the size of the budget.


Here is a campaign that was designed for and inspired by specific cultural events and insights, The Blank Edition for An-Nahar from Impact BBDO.

Introduction of Industry Craft

The Print & Outdoor Craft Award has been revamped and renamed as Industry Craft to celebrate the creative artistry, talent and skill required to deliver a beautifully executed solution and bring a creative idea to life.

Entries now open

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