What’s new for Dubai Lynx 2022

Introducing Social & Influencer Lynx

The Social & Influencer Lynx celebrate creative social thinking and strategic influencer marketing solutions.
Entries should demonstrate how levels of engagement, social reach and the creative use of social media, brand ambassadors and influencers led to commercial success.

Refresh to Creative Effectiveness Lynx

The Creative Effectiveness Lynx celebrate the measurable impact of creative work.

In close collaboration with the industry, our updates for 2022 ensure that the Award accurately reflects the new language of effectiveness, variety of measurable results and breadth of work driving business impact and commercial success. We have also taken principles from the Creative Effectiveness Code created by Lions and WARC to embed the shared language for effectiveness measurement and about creativity and how it drives effectiveness.

Work eligible for the Creative Effectiveness Lynx must have won or been shortlisted at one of the previous three Lynx festivals. Creative Effectiveness winning work demonstrates the enduring business impact of creativity.

The Creative Effectiveness Lynx categories have been completely rethought and are grouped into three sections to more accurately reflect current and future working practices, Creative Effectiveness: Sectors, Market and Brand Challenges & Opportunities.

The Entry Paper has evolved into an online written submission with expanded questions and opportunities to provide different types of results. Entrants can now also add additional supporting materials to craft a comprehensive case for creative effectiveness.

Refresh to PR Lynx

The PR Lynx have also been refreshed for 2022, to ensure the Award accurately reflects the current PR industry, and recognises the breadth of work that PR and communications specialists and now excel in including driving earned media at scale.

The new Social Engagement & Influencer Marketing section has been reimagined from the old digital and social section. It now incorporates content creation, amplification and production plus social and community engagement and influencer marketing. The sections - Excellence: PR Craft and PR Techniques – ensure this Lion celebrates PR as a craft. An expanded Culture & Context section recognises that PR specialists are delivering culturally nuanced work at the highest level.