Young Lynx Experience Programme Leader Announced

Ciaran Bonass, Founding Executive Creative Director, VICE | Virtue (MEA) is the programme leader of the 2020 Young Lynx Experience.
Ciaran Bonass

 We’re pleased to announce the return of Ciaran Bonass, Founding Executive Creative Director, VICE | Virtue (MEA) as programme leader of the Young Lynx Experience. Launched at Dubai Lynx 2019, the Young Lynx Experience connects MENA’s bright emerging talent under the age of 32 and provides dedicated content and networking at the Festival.

“Ciaran’s role is pivotal in shaping our Young Lynx Experience programme. Our collaboration was brought about with the goal of providing more meaningful opportunities for next-gen talent to connect, learn and grow at the Festival. His experience and dedication to young talent ensures that we are able to do just that.”

- Nicolle Farragher, Young Lynx Experience Manager, Dubai Lynx

We caught up with Ciaran to discuss the challenges faced by industry talent today.

 Why is supporting next-gen talent important to you?

Everything in our world has come into question. Everything is being rewritten and rebuilt. Much of this falls to the generational cohort coming to adulthood today. The “next-gen” of talent is the audience the industry needs to listen to and serve. They are vocal, world-changing, politically and culturally engaged. They see the world differently, full of hope and swim in the culture our brands desperately need and want to be part of.

We need to stand with them, champion their voices. We need to listen, provide a home for their spirit and help them create opportunities for change, growth, and innovation in our industry.

What are some of the challenges in the current landscape for talent in the industry and why is learning like this helpful?

We are living in a loud world filled with content. Brands have never been easier to ignore. The industry needs to find better ways to matter. To do that requires a shift from a marketing mindset to an entertainment mindset that builds association, affinity, and contribution to culture. We need to make the stuff people want to seek out. Not pay to avoid.

This ultimately dictates the change in thinking required not just from the new, but the current generation of talent. We need to tackle diversity, and bring fresh perspectives from diversity in gender and skillsets. We need to think beyond “how can we demand attention from viewers” and instead think “how can I create work that people want to see and participate in”. The challenges in our industry will hopefully be the opportunity for great new minds to pave the way for change.

What will talent take away from the Young Lynx Experience?

The young lynx is a fantastic program, they will undoubtedly learn and be inspired. The value of sitting amongst regional and world creative leaders is an incredible opportunity. The portfolio walk through is an amazing insight to understand the importance of craft, story telling, and strategy - all the fundamentals behind great work. I’m sure they will see purpose as a consistent theme, and takeaway the role it plays in today’s Young World. I hope they equally see that to create great work, it’s important to step out of our industry, looking up and out into culture to find ways to make a meaningful contribution. I hope they realize from the work, they are the voice in our young world and their voice matters.

The Young Lynx Experience takes place 9-10 March 2020 at Dubai Lynx. Find out more about the programme here.