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A day in the life of Kapil Bhimekar

Kapil is a Creative Director and has been working with Y&R Dubai since 2013. In 2017, Kapil was ranked No. 3 Art Director by The Loeries and in 2018, he served as a Cannes Lions juror.
Kapil's work has been awarded at D&AD, Cannes Lions, One show, Clio, New York Festivals, LIA,Dubai lynx, Loeries, Adfest Asia Pacific and many more. 

Hi Kapil, thank you very much for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and the rest of the industry in the MENA region. We wanted to know what a typical day looks like for you, as a creative director.

Let’s start. What time do you wake up? What does your morning routine look like?
I wake up at 6:30 am every morning and I drop my kid to school. I like to start my day with a sketch or scribble on my sketchpad. It helps me declutter my thoughts and focus better.

What is a typical day for you? How do you balance your responsibilities and manage your time?
My day at work starts around 9:30 am. We have a quick status meeting to know about jobs for the day, we assign work to the teams and get started. We are a very small team of creatives, so sometimes I oversee the work and sometimes I end up doing it myself. I like this flexibility of the team structure.

Tell us something that not many people know about you.
I have a passion for art, I like to paint on different surfaces – from walls to 3D objects and sometimes even streets. I also conduct art workshops around Dubai.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
There is no rule or a single place where I look for inspiration, it can come from anywhere. You just have to be aware and open to it. Sometimes it could be a beautiful piece of music or a painting, or sometimes a movie. You need to be in a position to welcome and recognise these inspirations which surround you all the time.

How do you get your team inspired?
The same way I get inspire.d Whenever I come across anything interesting, I share it with my team and encourage them to watch it.

Tell us the name of a person in the creative industry that you admire.
The industry is really filled with legends – it’s hard to point out just one person.

What did you learn from Cannes Lions this year? Did you see any trends in the work?
Aside from some brilliant work, there were also some really good seminars this year. I loved the  ‘Hackvertising’ seminar from Burger King. Also, the seminar from Apple was quite enriching. Regarding the trends in the winning work, I saw a lot of work around gender equality. Also, a lot of business-centric ideas won big this year – be it the Diesel campaign or ‘Trash Isles’, they were great business problem solving ideas.

What is the most fascinating thing about the MENA region?
The thing that fascinates me right now is the cultural shift that the region is going through and the rapid transformation. The rate at which the region is growing is unbelievableand it will be interesting to see how the MENA region will be seen five years from now.

What does Dubai Lynx mean to you?
Dubai Lynx is an extremely important show for the region. Often work that wins here ends up winning at most of the international shows including Cannes Lions, which not only shows the quality of work produced in the region, but also the judging standards of the festival.

How are you preparing for 2019? What do you see as the creative challenges and opportunities that we’re facing?
People will always make time for a great story. The challenge in 2019 will be to tell those stories in the budget given from the client.

And finally, could you give us a piece of advice for ambitious people looking to thrive and become more creative?
My advice to all the creatives who are looking to excel and become better creatives is stay hungry, stay inquisitive, ask questions and take risks.
I’ve seen often a lot of ideas in international shows that make it to the shortlists but don’t win big, either because the execution is weak or it’s a great insight falling short of an equally strong execution. This happens when you lose the momentum midway or give up easily. You have to keep pushing and refining your work.